Retail cleaning requires a specific management approach, taking into consideration staffing, equipment, cleaning procedures, OHS and security measures.

We’re backed by more than 30 years experience, so you’re guaranteed we know what it takes, to provide the highest cleaning standards and to formulate an effective floor maintenance program to prevent accidents and reduce liability to all.

Our cleaning staff are highly training in quality cleaning systems, customer service, and are well presented and professional.

We provide a flexible and responsive approach to cleaning in busy and challenging environments, and we know the importance of presentation and the value of a customers' first impression.

The benefits of choosing Westralian:

  • Our experience is our promise to you: As a family company operating for more than 30 years we place a high priority on following up each job to ensure it meets your ongoing expectations. 
  • Strong Management & Dedicated Staff: We have a direct employee model which means we have full control of attracting, training and developing our staff who share our commitment to service delivery and excellence.
  • Our Technology: We look for new ways to optimize our processes by using technology to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Our equipment is cutting edge: We invest in the latest equipment to provide efficiency and a better result for our clients.
  • We tailor the job to meet your needs: You know what you want to get done and Westralian matches every job to your individual requirements. This allows you to get on with the day-to-day task of running your business.