Cristal Washroom Monitor

Our innovation is the CRISTAL Washroom Monitor. It is an exciting and intellectual technological breakthrough conceived by Westralian.

Cristal will be the world’s first contactless feedback monitor for use in public washrooms developed in Perth, Western Australia. Westralian was recently invited as a finalist at the Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards of 2017. It was such an honour to have our innovation, Cristal, recognised at this event in the Innovation Design category.

What does Cristal do?

The device allows ‘guests’ to provide interactive feedback using a ‘near field communication’. The device intercepts the transformation of germs by being contactless. In addition, this device counts the footfall of washroom areas and thus allows for enabling more appropriate planning and scheduling of cleaning shift times. The CRISTAL device allows for oversight of how frequently the facility is being used. Our device records negative feedback. This feedback gets sent to on-site staff, alerting them of any attention that the washrooms may need. This information also gets sent to the Cleaning Service Provider and Building Management in order to be monitored. 

How will Cristal help you?

We expect the CRISTAL monitor to enable many businesses to reduce their cost of cleaning through ‘activity based, dynamic scheduling of works’. We expect CRISTAL clients to benefit through maintaining an exponential reputation based on the provision of washrooms being cleaned to such a high standard.

Westralian offers an exceptionally high standard of service and promptly responds to any of our service requests.

Lindsay Lane Ausco